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March19, 2010

Motorcycle Rally Party—Hey Harley lovin Friends, ready to experience the Old West of Harley in an evening? Wait no more; we’ve got the destination for you on a Tank full. We invite you, to Party in our Town. A complete Western Town with Harley Flair awaits you. Our Western Town Theme buildings, leather and Lace 8’ Pillars and our motorcycle photo opt. standees and all the extra’s that puts our town on the map. We rev up the fun with our leather and lace contest, lip smackin eats, cocktails and awesome music of Harley Riders the way we like it, loud and all night long. So get on those leathers and mount your iron horse for a night of fun in the Western Town of Harley.

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April 24, 2010

Western Hoe Down- YEE HAW, Kick up your boots, cause were gonna have us a butt kickin Hoe Down time. Undoubtedly, you’re gonna be amazed with our 10’ Watering Hole Saloon, Lily’s Hotel, and our famous Cow pillars .Our Western Bank in case ya gotta make a deposit, along with our 40’ Western Wall scenery. OF course the town folk wouldn’t go without having a Western Jail, that’s so if your Cowgirl thinks ya gots out of line. We will have Western music til the Cows sing, along with Western Grub and Cocktails.

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May 1st 2010

Cinco De Mayo --- Arriba Arriba , Now we all know we love this Festivity. Come and hang out at our Margarita Saloon and check out Momma Seta’s Hotel, where she is taking her siesta. This event is lavished with Bright fabrics draped on our 8’ pillars, and our delicious mouth watering 8’ tall Margarita Glass Arch, for some memorable Photos. We have further expressed this Theme with large hanging sombreros; piñata’s and lots more of our Creative Decorations. So let’s dance to the beat of Mexican Music and enjoy the delicious Margarita’s and Mexican Foods.

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June 19th 2010

50’s Sock Hop – An oldie but goodie, as we will rock around the clock for our 50’s Theme Party, so put on your poodle skirts and saddelock shoes . As you will all enjoy our rockin50’s Sock Hop – An oldie but goodie, as we will rock around the clock for our 50’s Theme Party, so put on your poodle skirts and saddelock shoes As you will all enjoy our rockin decorations that set the Party mood for this era. Which includes our 50’s Rock N Roll diner, Drive in café, our motorcycle and our hot rod standee along with yepper the pink Cadillac for you and your Fonzie to have some awesome photos. For some added fun , we’ve added a Danny and Sandy and the beauty school drop outs, for a look alike contest. We will have tasty food and cocktails as we twist the night away to the good oldies music.

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July 3rd 2010

4th Of July Pirates & Wenches--- Argh, Hey Matey’s, if ya missed any of our other Parties, your sure gonna want to jump on board for this one, Dead Men tell no tales. Our Pirate Decorations with our 10’ scull and wood pillars, 14’ Pirate ship and our Watering Saloon, as well as our Treasure chest filled with the Pirates jewels are sure to give way to map out one heck of an evening, come and meet Jack Sparrow, as a life size standee for photo opt. that is. Enjoy Theme Pirate music and much more along with some delicious grub, beer, wine and cocktails.

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August 7th 2010

Gilligans Island – Come and join in the laughter and fun, with “Really Cool” , Island Decorations ,Tiki Hut ,S.S. Minnow, hammocks , life size palm trees, and many more decorations to feel like you are on the Island yourself, this one will truly be a hoot, which will include a look-alike contest . We have lots of Island music including Gilligan’s Island Theme song, during the contest, along with delicious Island Food and Tropical Cocktails.

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September 25th 2010

Arabian Paradise—Feelin Majestic? Then this is the extravagant Party for you. Our intricate Arabian Decorations will certainly set the mood for this imaginative event. Of course it would not be complete without flying carpets and life size genie bottles, harem tents, and the king’s palace. To really feel majestic, the venue will be decorated with bright colored flowing fabrics to accentuate the mood. Feel free to come dressed as a belly dancer or a genie you’re self, or perhaps a king, or a sultan, together we will enjoy, Middle Eastern Music, Exotic Foods and Cocktails.

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October 30th 2010

Halloween Haunted House In The West – Now this is gonna be a Haunted House like you may have never seen before. In the 1500’s Dracula’s Domain, the Witches from the West, the Devil’s Den, the eerie graveyard, the deranged Chefs Cantina, the Spider Web Saloon, the Haunted Bordeaux Hotel was a town that those who entered were met with many challenges to escape The Old Haunted West, decorated in immense proportions. In our opinion for this event we will have the best Haunted music played throughout the Party, you come and decide if you dare.

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November 20th 2010

Wild Turkey, Jungle Party – Bogged down by The Holiday Hub Bub? Then we invite you to un tame your senses and get wild in Theme Party’s Wild Turkey Jungle. Surrounded with many 8’ Palm Trees, lighted waterfall, our wild lions and tigers and much more. Best to leave your rifles at home, we wouldn’t want to start an uproar, instead we’ll supply the ammo for the Wild Turkey shoot, and have your photograph taken with Ed our Orangutan standee or swing from a vine with your Tarzan . In our untamed jungle you’ll experience Thanksgiving like the Pilgrims never did. So let’s cut loose and get wild before the Holidays rush in. You’re sure to love dancing to our Tribal Music. Appetizers, cold beer and cocktails will be served for your pleasurable experiences.

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December 18th 2010

Christmas Party – Santa went Wild in the West- Yee Haw and Ho Ho . This event will book up fast. When you sign up for this party, think of the movie “Nightmare before Christmas”. Although this is not a nightmare, ours is a comedy where Santa goes Wild in the West. He’s snockerd at the Saloon, because Rudolph crashed the sled in the West. You’ll be surprised as you come and meet Lily Claus, she primping up, for whom though, come and find out. Some of the elves are in jail, because they drank too much spiked egg nog and made all of the toys wrong and many broken. The Grinch did not steal Christmas in our Hilarious Theme, but instead he is in Jail because he stole the money from The Western Bank. So come and join many of us, for this fun filled event with some Western Christmas Music, Western eats, and cocktails.

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January 22nd 2010

Casa Blanca- In this 1940’s scene, you will love the ambience of our elaborate Decorations and formal Party. This is an opportunity for you ladies to dress up and come escorted by your men in suit. Or come and maybe meet your Humphrey Bogart. In this era it was appropriate for ladies to be in beaded gowns or dressy cocktail dresses. Our color scheme here will be silver , gold’s and black. Our silky pillars wrapped with intimate lighting, large silhouette dancers, sparkling chandeliers, beautiful draped satin fabrics from the ceiling. How about a Humphrey Bogart and Joan Crawford look alike contest, we invite you to give us your vote when you order your tickets for this event. “ Anyone know Swing Dancing” because we will all enjoy dancing the night to Classical music, flowing wine and martini’s along with a French Flair of Hors d’ oeuvre Cuisine .

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February - 2011

Mardi Gras—Were all gonna Party down with this Event, because this is a Festive Theme Party your all gonna enjoy and never forget. Our elaborate Mardi Gras Masquerade Party is being celebrated here in Tampa Bay, although you’ll feel like you’re in Good Ole New Orleans. Our Decorations will festively fill the room with lot’s of our bold 8’ brightly colored Mardi Gras Pillars , 10’ professionally decorated Radius arch, 7’ intricate hanging ceiling masks , 8’x9’ Carnival Float and our 6’ Mardi Gras Mask standee for photo opt. To intensify it even more we have added our large New Orleans Light Scenery. Cajun Appetizers and Cocktails will be served, as we dance to the Jazz music of Bourbon Street.

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