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VIP Party Invitation Of The Tampa Bay Area

Our Purpose of Theme Party Events is to provide12 Party’s a year, once a month of elaborate and fun filled experiences for your Partying enjoyment. Our Party’s rival anything you’ll find in Miami-South Beach, New York and La. You may choose your favorite Theme Party for the month or party with us for all 12 months of Themes. We invite our Partiers for an even more exciting time, to wear a costume that expresses each Theme, however it is not required.

To give Party go’ers an idea of The Quality of our Lavish Events , we at Theme Party Events , take it to the next level, investing $3700.00 - $10.000.00 , in props, decorations, photo opt’s, murals, specialty lighting, music and food for your ultimate experiences.

So imagine paying only $ 20.00 to $ 25.00 for a night out for an unforgettable Party, now that’s quite a deal, which cost less then a dinner out for two, or a movie, soda, candy and popcorn. Our Christmas and New Years Party’s will be a slight up charge.

By popular vote, we have scheduled our New Year’s Party for later in the month, being that this is a busy time of the year for Parties.

We will keep you posted please check our Events calendar for monthly updates. Here you will be able to pre purchase tickets online; print tickets, and see Locations Times and Dates.

Each event will have a pay bar for cocktails.

You must be 21 or older to Join our VIP Invitation Party List and to attend our Party’s.

Our 2010 Party descriptions and schedule of Themed Events is listed in our VIP Events page.

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